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City Life

Posted by Nik Chinook on Tuesday, January 26, 2016,

The 'Edna at the Window' illustration is just about finished!  I'm gonna contemplate it for a few days yet but I think I'm done.  The trickiest part at the end was working out the colour balance and depth of shadows.  On the low res image above the contrast is much flatter than I'm going to have in the final Giclee prints. Those will be much darker with some of the shadow areas reducing the brickwork detail but adding deep blue/purple tones.  Very atmospheric!

It's all come on a long way since...
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Ideal Homes

Posted by Nik Chinook on Thursday, January 21, 2016,
I found a little pen and ink drawing from last year and I thought I'd add some colour and finish it off. It from an idea about a series of whimsical 'ideal' homes for different jobs or professions.
The one I'm drawing at the moment is a house on 'rockers' for an old Sea Captain!

Watch this space :)

Pen and Ink, watercolour, pencil and Photoshop

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The unfortunate Traveller

Posted by Nik Chinook on Friday, January 1, 2016,
Revisiting  my 'occassional' series with this piece. It started with improvised acrylics, then into watercolour, guache, coloured pencils, bananas, then into digital. So pretty mixed media I would say. The original is pretty small so you get a nice feel of the texture of the paper.
Hope it gets a smile.  Made me laugh - but then I'm easily amused; especially at my own jokes; and my sisters.  Must be genetic I guess.

Strange world.

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