Urban Sketchers (St Peters Rome)

Posted by Nik Chinook on Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Surprisingly, I didn't find much sketching inspiration in Rome.  I think it's because everything you draw comes out looking like something you've seen a million times before.  I had the same experience in Venice; I loved the city but painting or drawing it always resulted in yet another cliche´ picture that made me yawn.

  That said, they were short visits so I guess if I spent proper time there I should be able to find more original and interesting approaches.
Anyway, here is a load of columns and a dome.... yawwwwnnnn. :)

Tags: "urban sketching" sketching "sketch crawl" drawing "measured drawing" rome vatican art "devon art" artists "devon artist" "nik heap" "nik chinook" painting devon southwest cornwall "st peters" 

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