Weird Events in Suburban Gardens

Posted by Nik Chinook on Friday, February 26, 2016
In the spirit of David Lynch and born out of my love for William Heath Robinson's illustrations, mixed with a little English murder-mystery fiction and then shaken with chilled Giles and crushed Adrian Tomine....

This is the delightfully lush and creepy world of leafy suburbia in a dream-like 'Britain between the wars'. A place where Garden Inspectors from the Ministry call on you unannounced to check your Dahlias and eccentric boffins are building time machines in the garden shed while listening to 'Dick Barton - Special Agent' on the steam wireless.

Meanwhile, in the drawing room Marjorie is waxing the Stoat and dreaming of Rudolph Valentino.  'I wonder what it's like to be spanked,' she softly sighs and decides on Cornwall for holidays this year.


These images are just part of a series that are going to make up some larger pieces and also part of some short stories (as you may tell from the intro above).

The Lawnmower  |  The Garden Inspector has bravely ventured through the gate on this one!

Topiary | Horticulture meets Magritte

Sunbathing | A bit of glamour in the garden today.

Irrigation | This small sketch is one of several experiments which include sprinklers, some balloons and a complex water-pipe system!

Hope you like these images and follow how the continuing series comes along.  I'd be delighted to have any feedback on this whole world I'm creating.

Tags: gardening horticulture "garden art" "garden illustration" "suburban noir" magritte "david lynch" "copic marker" 

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