Discover Kafka amongst the Hydrangeas and Orwell in the arbour
Racism, alienation, recession economics and government spin all wrapped up in a charming suburban tale of hydrangeas and large marrows

An eccentrically illustrated and darkly deadpan comic story for grownups.   There are no explosions, mysterious strangers or unexpected dance routines.

There are, however, very cheerful gardens, monstrous vegetables, a delightful snow angel, a broken trampoline, some local government dystopia, plastic ducks and a dark undercurrent of creeping unease.
Softback, full colour
Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
38 Pages
16 illustrations
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The Garden Inspector -book

Signed Edition

£ 11.15 

Price includes postage to UK address. The Garden Inspector- Softback 38pgs + cover. 17x17 cm (7x7") [For US total price £14.80 ($18.25)]
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