Dragonflies  £1600
Oil on Panel 91x61cm
In this image, different worlds intersect within a woodland lake and the dragonflies spiral in wonder around the strange structure and the lush blooms encased within.
The Butterfly Hunter £1390
Oil on Panel 76x61cm
A very English pastarol scene with wildflowers, garden marquees, pennants and a golden sky.
Miracle of the Allotment  SOLD
Oil on Canvas 74x107cm
This luminous image evokes a moment in that most wonderful 'golden hour' of English summer evenings. An encounter between two figures as about them swallows swoop and dive in joy.
Forest Bathing  £1500
Oil on Canvas 50x100cm
Somewhere between a 'rave', a vision, a drug-induced trip or an urban myth, this image was inspired by the joy, the mystery and the fearful sublime of our ancient woods.
Oil on canvas 50x100cm
From the archive
Crow clatter and squawk by Nik Chinook

Montacute House  £549            Oil on Canvas 53x35cm

Oil on Canvas 21x21cm